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CAT Dealer Business Solution facilitates the core business of CAT dealers addressing CAT specific requirements, running on the latest, most modern SAP technology S/4HANA, with providing 75+ out of the box, validated CAT interfaces.


CAT Dealer Challenges

To efficiently grow the business, CAT dealers need an integrated business solution that supports their long-term business priorities feeding their organizational processes end-to-end. New centralized technology and solution platform are key to help CAT dealers keeping their agility.

FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution fully supports this demand based on the latest SAP S4/HANA technology. This addresses key business areas of Prime-Equipment/ Power, Parts, Service, CAT interfaces, and Rental (Fit-Rent).

New centralized technology and a solution platform are key to helping CAT dealers keep their agility.

One centralized, SAP-embedded software solution to maximize value, efficiency and business advantage for CAT dealers, and to enable long-term business extension, scalability according to the market, and customer demands. With this solution, processes are fully aligned and integrated with CAT due to out-of-the-box FIT CAT interfaces towards CAT.

FIT Solution Table


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  • Improved profitability
  • Enabling seamless company and operational growth.
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Highly satisfied employees and customers.
  • One step ahead of competition
  • Reducing risk, cost of implementation
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  • Full Finance integration, improved Financial controls
  • Company, or even Equipment based Profit and loss reporting
  • Asset integration, Asset accounting
  • Financial controls within all business operations
  • Robust Financial reporting capabilities
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  • Fully centralized solution based on SAP software
  • Easier, and lower cost to maintain (lower TCO)
  • Optimizing IT resources
  • Aligned with latest SAP technologies
  • Integration capabilities to other SAP solutions (Ariba, Hybris, Asset Intelligence Network – AIN)
  • Technology leadership
  • Out of the box integrations to CAT
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  • Simplified, integrated business processes with CAT dealer specific functionalities and features.
  • Best practices to optimize and streamline operation
  • Equipment-Prime, Parts, Service, Rental business support end to end
  • 360 degree customer and equipment view.
  • All information in one centralized solution
  • Automated and optimized CAT business processes.
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  • Continuous annual releases with extended CAT dealer specific capabilities.
  • Our customers can directly influence CAT Dealer Business Solution roadmap.
  • Always aligns with the latest SAP technologies and software versions.
  • Extending values from CAT Dealer Management Solution
  • Cutting edge technology

Innovation, Continuous Product Development is Key

Companies, markets, technologies are continuously changing, developing FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution is very flexible, extensible, fully SAP embedded solution that can easily grow, and change according to the described requirements The solution addresses requirements specifically with proven best practices, CAT dealer specific enhancements, accelerators, therefor it is easy to adopt, and implementation time, risk, cost can be radically reduced CAT dealers can benefit, and facilitate growth with FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution in short term using the latest, most modern technology and ERP platform of SAP called S 4 /HANA


Connect easily to FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution, and according to your role, you can access various functionalities to execute your business processes.

  • Prime Equipment/Power purchasing, quotation/sale, CAT specific configuration and pricing management, global lifecycle management, and centralized equipment master data concept.
  • Parts lead to quote and sale rocess, with specifics like replacement handling, core management, hose assembly, and extensive parts planning for backorder, and stock replenishment (Poisson process).
  • Service unplanned, and planned maintenance of equipment, including handling of standard jobs, SIS integration, and various service contracts (SLA’s, MARC) and “wizard” to support maintenance plans, schedules.
  • Rental short, and long term rentals of machines addressing quote, contract processes, with RPO (rental purchase option), SWAP (equipment change), flexible rental pricing, rental kit, attachments handling.
  • CAT interfaces 75+ out of the box, pre configured interfaces, validated by CAT DICE team.


CAT dealer business related specific requirements, functionalities are key to be addressed, and continuous evolvement is required.

  • Always developing based on customer’s, and market demands, considering requirements of CAT, and CAT dealers.
  • Committed to deliver annually new CAT Dealer Business Solution releases to enrich continuously the solution.
  • Our customers can drive, and influence solution product development roadmap directly.
  • Industry best practices facilitate implementation, optimizes business processes and reduce the overall risk of the project.
  • Always aligned with the latest SAP technologies, and SAP software versions and upgrades are supported via best practices and migration tools.
  • SAP S4/HANA engine is an ultimate engine to rely on for long term and to integrate easily to any other SAP product from SAP’s product portfolio.
  • SAP C/4HANA Cloud to manage marketing campaigns, lead and opportunity processes.


CAT dealers require integrated business processes within the same centralized solution to support operation globally.

  • Finance and Controlling fully integrated with finance, where financial postings happen automatically across the system.
  • Fixed Asset, Asset accounting for rental equipment, assets can be maintained as fixed assets with depreciation management.
  • Fleet management to manage and plan logistics, transportation, transfer related processes, built on centralized equipment master data concept.
  • Equipment based Profit and Loss out of the box reporting capabilities from serialized equipment based up to organizational multi level profit and loss.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) to extend standard S4/HANA, and EM reports support of BW (Business Warehouse) based graphical reports, and analytics.
  • SAP solution integrations optionally integrate to SAP solutions Ariba, Hybris, or Asset Intelligence Network (AIN).

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